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One of the first pieces of legislation passed in the new Federal Parliament was the Immigration Restriction Act. Now known as the infamous White Australia Policy it made it very difficult for Asians and Pacific Islanders to migrate to Australia. This Act stated that if a person wanted to migrate to Australia they had to be given a dictation test. ...read more


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5). The intent of the assimilation policy was to include all aborigines into the Anglo Celtic Australian society completely eliminating their indigenous cultures and traditions in addition preventing the growth of the native population.Assimilation measures even included drastic ones such as removing aboriginal children of mixed parentage from their families and adapting them into the white ...read more


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IMMIGRATION NATION Episode 1: Origins of the White Australia Policy in the twentieth century 1901–1945 Episode 2: Post-war European immigration 1945–1975 Episode 3: Beginning of Asian migration and the end of the White Australia Policy 1945–1980s Episode 1: Origins of the White Australia Policy in the twentieth century 1901–1945 1. ...read more


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Creating White Australia: new perspectives on race, whiteness and history Jane Carey, Monash University Claire McLisky, University of Melbourne and University of Copenhagen As the promulgation of the White Australia Policy in 1901 would seemingly demonstrate, ‘whiteness’ was crucial to the constitution of the new Australian nation. ...read more


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May 21, 2021 · At the core of Australia’s 2016 Defence and 2017 Foreign Policy White Papers is the need to strengthen the traditional Australia-US alliance system. Arguably, Australia remedies the US’ relative decline in the Indo-Pacific. ...read more


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Introduction Creating White Australia: new perspectives on ...read more


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Dec 02, 2017 · Australia’s recent White Paper, the first one issued since the Howard government’s Foreign Policy White Paper in 2003, laid out the vision for its foreign relations over the next decade. ...read more


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Therefore, in the Australian community whiteness is culturally based where it controls different institutions that are Australian extension of the white. The beliefs and values govern them. Hence, nursing practice in Australia is entrenched as a colonialism by-product following the white … ...read more


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The White Australia policy. The White Australia policy was an immigration restriction policy introduced by the Australian government in 1901, implemented to severely restrict the migration of non-Europeans to Australia, with the desire to maintain Australia as a predominantly White … ...read more


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White Australia policy (Immigration Restriction Act of 1901), fundamental legislation of the new Commonwealth of Australia that effectively halted all non-European immigration and that contributed to the development of a racially insulated white society. It remained policy into the mid-20th century. ...read more


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Sep 20, 2020 · The White Australia policy, which officially ended in 1973, continued under another guise. The colonial habit continues in Australia, with the … ...read more


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Sep 10, 2020 · September 10th, 2020. Australia is grappling with a toxic mix of foreign policy challenges that were either absent or still distant objects on the horizon when the Turnbull Government’s 2017 Foreign Policy White Paper was drafted. In a competitive field, four such challenges stand out. First, a smashed global economy from the wrecking ball that is COVID-19. ...read more


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Jul 22, 2020 · The traditional foundations of Australia’s strategic policy, and its dominant way of war, have been transformed. This new fact of life was signaled in this month’s 2020 Australian Defense ...read more


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The White Australia Policy describes Australia’s prejudiced approach to immigration, from federation until the late twentieth century. The Australian government gradually dismantled the policy, over a twenty-five year period, until it was completely removed in 1973. ...read more


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Critically analyse ‘the white Australia policy’ relating it to the quote provided In 1901, Edmund Barton the prime minster at time decided to introduce the Immigration Restriction Act left Australia banning prostitutes, criminals, and anyone under a contract or agreement to perform manual labour within Australia which seems that Edmund Barton was doing his job and kept Australia safe but he was not. ...read more



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Dec 07, 2016 · The White Australia policy, which barred nonwhite immigrants, had recently ended, and a new era of multiculturalism had begun. National policy mandated that at … ...read more


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Aug 07, 2012 · White Australian Policy abolishment Essay. the White Australian Policy was one of the first acts Australia passed during its federation in 1901.This racist act restricted the entry of non-Europeans into Australia by means of a dictation test. ...read more


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Edmund Barton ...read more


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Apr 23, 2020 · Friday essay: Japanese Australian veterans and the legacy of. anti-Asian. racism. April 23, 2020 4.00pm EDT. Timothy Kazuo Steains, University of … ...read more


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The Abolition of the White Australia Policy. The White Australia Policy began to disintegrate during the second World War. Australia requested that only white soldiers be sent for their protection, but the United States refused the request and sent only mixed racial troops. ...read more


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Jan 26, 1999 · The new "White Australia" Policy Part 3. Mike Head. 26 January 1999 The Australian government's decision to refuse a visitor's visa to Rajendiram Sutharsan, a Tamil member of … ...read more


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Aug 28, 2018 · Sometimes it is articulated openly (such as in the march at Charlottesville, Va in August 2017, in the White Australia policy of the early twentieth century, … ...read more


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As Figure 1-14 shows, the median household incomes for immigrants from Asia, Canada, Europe, and Oceania (the region including Australia, Fiji, and New Zealand) are higher than native-born median household income, while the median immigrant household from Latin America had a much lower income than the median native-born household. Part of the ...read more


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Oct 15, 2015 · White Australia policy presentation. 3. Worksheet 1 > comprehension. 1. Play second YouTube video approx 10mins and answer video 2 questions. 2. Worksheet 2 > Teacher to read the commentary after students have attempted to answer the quiz once. 3. Worksheet 2 > may want to book the computer room/laptops for research activity. ...read more